Research Mentors and Funding Opportunities

Research Mentors and Funding

The Program in Public Health has agreements with various clinical and academic departments, many committing to provide funds for research-assistant stipends.

Funding is available to selected doctoral research assistants.  Upon matriculation into the PhD program, students will work 20 hours per week on research projects with a mentor within the sponsoring department. The student will be provided funding for both an in-state tuition waiver as well as a competitive stipend. The stipend will follow the National Institutes of Health pre-doctoral level of funding, and will be guaranteed for three years, assuming satisfactory academic progress.

Additional funding may be offered after three years at the discretion of the sponsoring clinical department. 

Research Faculty    

Elliot Bennett-Guerrero

Lisa Benz Scott
Cardiac Rehabilitation, Community Health
Sean Clouston
Cognitive Functioning and Aging
Lauren Hale
Sleep and Health
Yuri Jadotte
Preventive Medicine, Systematic review & Meta-Analysis Methods Research, & Cancer Prevention
Rachel Kidman
Global Health, Child & Adolescent Adversity
Jaymie Meliker
Environmental Epidemiology
John Rizzo
Health Economics
Pablo Ros
Kenneth Shroyer
Dylan Smith
Resilience & Adaptation in the Context of Disability & Illness