Mission, Vision, & Values


Our vision is of a society of healthy communities in which all people are able to live up to their full human potential.


The mission of the Program in Public Health is to promote the health of populations at the regional, national, and global levels by developing the next generation of public health practitioners and health management leaders, as well as through programs of excellence in research, community engagement, and service. 

Our mission is informed by the following values:

Excellence: In all our programs we strive for a high degree of excellence, measured by external metrics and standards whenever available.

Synergy: Public health is not a single discipline but a collection of disciplines, which enrich each other; we strive to promote this synergistic approach in both our educational and research endeavors.

Support: Our obligation to our students goes beyond assuring academic success. We design our educational programs and PPH support systems to facilitate career success, whether it is initiating a new career, advancement in a current career, or attainment of leadership positions.

Equity and inclusiveness: In everything we do we seek to promote health equity among, and environmental justice for, all people and populations.


The educational mission is delivered through four degree programs and two certificate programs.

Master of Health Administration (MHA)
The MHA Program prepares graduates for careers as managers to support the delivery of high-quality care throughout the health services sector. 

Master of Public Health (MPH)
The Master of Public Health degree program trains the next generation of public health practitioners, scholars and leaders so as to promote improvements in the health of all populations - including the elimination of health disparities across the life-course through excellence in education, research, community engagement, service and empowerment locally, nationally, and globally.

PhD in Clinical Outcomes and Population Health
The doctoral [PhD] program is designed to train the next generation of PhD-prepared scientists in the fields of population health and clinical outcomes research. In addition to advanced coursework, it provides expertly mentored opportunities in a multidisciplinary setting. It is a highly selective program admitting two to four students each year.

Master of Science in Epidemiology & Clinical Research
The mission of the Master of Science in Epidemiology and Clinical Research is to prepare health care professionals for careers in clinical research, by providing students with the tools to conduct, interpret, and evaluate results of clinical research studies through intensive didactic and mentored research experiences. 

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Health Education and Promotion
Advanced Graduate Certificate in Health Communication

The certificate programs provide credentials in health communication and health education & promotion with a specific focus on developing essential skills of practitioners and enhancing the educational background of others.

Please see our degree program pages for their individual missions and values: