Master of Science in Epidemiology & Clinical Research

The overall goal of the Master of Science in Epidemiology and Clinical Research (MSECR) is to prepare health care professionals for careers in clinical research and population health research. 

The curriculum provides students with the tools to conduct, interpret and evaluate results of clinical research studies through intensive didactic and highly mentored research experiences with the goal of becoming competitive for national career development awards, training grants, and/or investigator initiated funding. 

Graduate Program Director 
Olga Aronidas, MD, MSc, FACG



We are excited to announce our new Master of Science in Epidemiology & Clinical Research. This multidisciplinary program is tailored for health care professionals who want to gain knowledge and experience in clinical research and population health research. 
This intensive didactic and research mentored program will provide the students with the analytic and research skills to design their own studies, publish in peer-reviewed journals, and compete for national career development awards and for other external funding. 
The students will attend quantitative and analytical courses alongside our doctoral and other master students in the Program in Public Health. The students will be mentored by world renowned clinical researchers and will have the opportunity to engage in cutting edge research as they advance the science in fields such as neurology, psychiatry, pharmacology, anesthesiology, vascular diseases, and more.