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Sean Clouston


Professor Sean Clouston

Director of Research, Program in Public Health

Welcome to the Program in Public Health's Research website. This site serves as a central point for our research, principal investigators, and resources.

Our program emphasizes a collaborative, preventative, and multidisciplinary approach to the root causes of public health problems, while instilling the skills necessary to develop innovative and practical solutions for positive impact. Students and faculty implement a systems health approach in research, providing an innovative culture to inform practice.

Current areas of research include World Trade Center Health; Health Disparities in Healthcare Access; Sleep Health; Cognitive Functioning and Aging; Environmental Epidemiology; Climate Change; Community Health; Intimate Partner Violence, and more. Click here to view a full listing of our research areas.

The Program in Public Health proudly affiliates with a number of institutions, including the Alzheimer's Association, NYS Department of Health, World Trade Center Health and Wellness Program, and more. Click here to view more affiliations.

Links & Resources for Researchers

Stony Brook University Research

Office of the Vice President for Research: Researcher Resources

Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants Management: Seminars, Workshops, Training, Conferences, and Newsletters


Core Research Faculty

Lisa Benz Scott
Cardiac Rehabilitation, Community Health

Sean Clouston
Cognitive Functioning and Aging

Mahdieh Danesh Yazdi
Environmental Epidemiology

Alina Denham
Health Policy

Andrew Flescher
Medical & Bioethics, Transplantation Ethics, Health Policy

Lauren Hale
Sleep and Health

Amy Hammock
Intimate Partner Violence Prevention
Guanyu Huang
Air Quality, Climate Change, Environmental Change, Remote Sensing, & Environmental Justice

Rachel Kidman
Global Health, Child & Adolescent Adversity

Jaymie Meliker
Environmental Epidemiology

Benny Ren
Longitudinal Data Analysis & Nonparametric Statistics

Laura Sampson
Psychiatric Epidemiology

Marie Aline Sillice
Health Disparities, Cultural Relevant Health Communication, Technology-Based Approaches
Dylan Smith
Resilience & Adaptation in the Context of Disability & Illness

Research Scientists

Douglas Hanes
Aging, Cognition, Social Inequalities
Minos Kritikos
Neuroscience & Neuroimaging

Frank Mann
Differential Psychology, Quantitative Genetics

Post Doctoral Associates 

Tesleem Babalola
Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Social Inequalities and Health Disparities

Shamim Sarkar
Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Food Safety Epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology, & One Health
Elizabeth Inman
Intimate Partner Violence, Stigma, Health Behaviors
Lissa Soares
Environmental Health, Climate Change
Gina Mathew
Sleep and Health
Joseph Kawuki
Exposome, Social Inequalities and Health Disparities, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology

Current PhD Students

Gabriella Pandolfelli, MPH
Community-Based Participatory Research, Inter-professional Education, Hypertension Prevention, Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring, Health Equity  

Connect with Gabriella on ORCID

Isaac Rodriguez, LMSW
Neurodevelopmental Disability, Sleep Health, Mental Health, Public Health Social Work

Connect with Isaac on ORCID

Yuan Yang
World Trade Center Exposure, Particulate Matter, Occupation Health, Multilevel Model, Structural Equation Model, Cognition, Aging, Genetics Risk Factors, Psychosis, Alzheimer's Disease

Connect with Yuan on ORCID

Lokesh Patil, MPH
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, & Precision Medicine Strategies in Gynecologic Oncology   

Connect with Lokesh on ORCID

Christiane El Khoury, PharmD, MS
Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparities, Healthcare Access, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Screening 

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