PhD in Population Health and Clinical Outcomes Research


Core Curriculum:

HPH 501               Introduction to the Research Process
HPH 506               Biostatistics I
HPH 507               Biostatistics II
HPH 508               Health Systems Performance
HPH 514               Epidemiology for Public Health
HPH 523               Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health
HPH 527               Health Economics and Policy
HPH 559               Advanced Research Methods
HPH 560               Applied Biostatistics      
HPD 605               Intro Doctoral Studies
HPD 685               Research in Population Health & Clinical Science              
HPD 686               Mentored Research

Students are required to complete one concentration:

Concentration: Population Health

HPD 673               Longitudinal Data Analysis          
HPD 674               Statistical Methods in Clinical Outcomes and Health Services Research
HPH 534               Spatial Analysis
HPD 661               Psychometric Theory

Concentration: Clinical Outcomes Research

HPD 664               Clinical Trials
HPD 665               Clinical Outcomes Research
HPD 673               Longitudinal Data Analysis
HPD 674               Statistical Methods in Clinical Outcomes and Health Services Research

Post-Preliminary Exam Courses:

HPD 692               Practicum in Teaching I
HPD 693               Practicum in Teaching II
HPD 694               Grant Writing
HPD 699               Dissertation Research