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Tution & Financial Aid

Each year the University routinely examines the fees it charges students for services provided. The University proposes an increase for full-time graduate students by $104.50 per semester. This fee increase is essential to maintain the cost of existing services and expanding others. Students are responsible for knowing they are registered for classes, what classes they are registered for, paying their billing statements in a timely fashion, and understanding and following the correct procedures to withdraw from classes.

For more information on tuition, please click here.

Inquiries about financial aid should be directed to the Health Sciences Center:
Office of Student Services
HSC Level 2, Room 271
(631) 444-2111.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

The following website offers a wealth of resources that may help to finance your degree. ASPPH created and mantains the site. Click here to begin exploring this valuable resource. 

Employee Tuition Waiver Program

All full-time state employees at Stony Brook University are eligible for tuition assistance for one course each semester.  The waiver program pays a percentage of tuition for courses that are deemed to be job-related.  The waiver is intended to be used by full-time employees for a second course, or a course not covered by any other program.

For more information or to contact the Benefit staff, call 631-632-6180. For the application, see: http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/Admin/HRSForms.nsf/webstate?OpenPage.

The application is available under the ‘Benefits’ category.

UUP Tuition Assistance Program

The UUP Tuition Assistance Program covers tuition, but not fees, for one course each semester throughout the year, including Fall, Spring, Winter Session, Summer Session 1, and Summer Session 2 on a space-available basis.  More information about this program, including application procedures, is available at:


NOTE: Shirley Menzies, Hospital Human Resources, at 631-444-4759 is the contact person for residents and fellows who are hospital employees.