A successful and purposeful academic career starts with planning. Any questions about course offerings, plans of study, degree requirements, deadlines, practicum requirements, and procedural issues including registration, academic standing, leaves of absence, change of concentration, and graduation should be directed to the Associate Director for Academic & Student Affairs. 

Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor upon matriculation into the program. Whenever possible, the faculty advisor's background will align with the student's preferred field of study. The student may change advisors at any time with the consent of the Associate Director. In addition, students who change their concentration will be assigned, or may select, a Faculty Advisor in the new concentration.

Faculty Advisors must meet with their advisees at least twice a year to discuss students’ progress through the program, assess academic growth, and provide guidance with independent study and practicum projects. The Faculty Advisor also discusses students’ expectations for the future and acts as a touchstone if the student is having problems. Two mandatory meetings take place at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters and can be conducted in person or by phone, whichever is preferred by both the student and Faculty Advisor. Students will be notified by the Program to schedule an appointment with their Faculty Advisor. At other times, students should contact their Faculty Advisor directly to make appointments.