Master of Health Administration Curriculum

The curriculum of the MHA degree is designed to meet the growing need for health managers with competency in population health concepts and experts in population health with an understanding of health management principles. As the demand for high quality health managers grows, it is essential that health management professionals are able to articulate and apply managerial competencies that promote healthy populations. The MHA Program guides students to make connections and assess the intersection of these critical fields of study. 

Courses are completely online and asynchronous (students may log-in to classes at any time to complete discussions and assignments) with optional synchronous meetings. Each course is offered during a specific semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer). Students must enroll in Fall, Spring, and Summer courses in order to complete the program. 

The MHA Program requires a total of 51 credits that may be completed in two years with full-time enrollment. Part-time students may take classes at their own pace within a 5-year maximum time frame. Click the link to the PPH Bulletin to view a full list of MHA course descriptions.

Master of Health Administration Program Curriculum: 

  • HPA 507 Health Systems Performance (3 credits)
  • HPA 508 Human Resources Management in the Health Sector (3 credits)
  • HPA 510 Health Finance and Accounting (3 credits)
  • HPA 520 Health Governance and Organizational Analysis (3 credits)
  • HPA 523 Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health (3 credits)
  • HPA 527 Health Economics and Policy (3 credits)
  • HPA 529 Fundamentals of Healthcare Management (3 credits)
  • HPA 530 Health Operations Management (3 credits)
  • HPA 536 Health Law and Compliance (3 credits)
  • HPA 541 Health Strategic Planning and Management (3 credits)
  • HPA 542 Capstone (3 credits)
  • HPA 564 Health Quality and Information Systems Management (3 credits)
  • HPA 575 Long-Term Care in the Health Sector (3 credits)
  • HPA 580 Integrative Experience* (3 credits)
  • HPA 585 Introduction to Biostatistics and Epidemiology (3 credits)
  • HPA 586 Health Management Professionalism and Ethics (3 credits)
  • HPA 599 Physician Practice Management (3 credits)

*Experiential Learning: HPA 580 Integrative Experience is conducted online with on-site or remote requirements at the healthcare organization of your choice. Click here for the Academic Year 2023 IE Manual. Please Note: Students with Integrative Experience placements within the Stony Brook University Hospital will be required to set-up a CastleBranch account for background checks and organizational compliance requirements. Students are responsible for any associated fees.

HPA 585, HPA 530, and HPA 520 are required courses for students entering as of Fall 2020. Students who matriculated in Fall 2019 may take HPH 506, HPH 514, and HPH 500 (in-person courses) according to original study plan, if desired.

Plans of Study:  
Full-time students follow the standard two-year plan of study provided below, and part-time students work with an academic advisor to determine an individual plan of study to complete the degree in three, four, or five years. 

Master of health administration degree receives full accreditation from  CAHMECollege of Public Health News