MS in Epidemiology & Clinical Research Curriculum

Completion of the Master of Science in Epidemiology and Clinical Research requires a minimum of 33 credits and includes a research practicum.  

Core Curriculum:
HPH 506  Biostatistics I (3 credits)
HPH 501  Introduction to the Research Process (3 credits)
HPH 514  Epidemiology for Public Health (3 credits)
HPH 507  Biostatistics II (3 credits)
HPH 559  Advanced Research Methods (3 credits)
HPH 560  Applied Biostatistics (3 credits)
HPH 590*  Research Practicum (6 credits)

*Note: Students with placements within Stony Brook University Hospital will be required to set-up a Castlebranch account for background checks and compliance requirements. Students will be responsible for any associated fees.

Electives Available – Students must complete 9 credits of electives*
HPH 510  Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3 credits)
HPH 534  Spatial Analysis: Health Applications (3 credits)
HPD 605  Introduction to Doctoral Studies (3 credits)
HPD 664  Clinical Trials (3 credits)
HPD 665  Clinical Outcomes Research (3 credits)
HPD 685  Research in Population Health and Clinical Science (3 credits)
HPD 694  Grant Writing (3 credits)

*Other electives may be chosen with permission from Program Director.