Christiane el Khoury

Christiane El Khoury, PharmD, MS

PhD in Population Health and Clinical Outcomes Research Student

Research Mentor: Dr. Pablo Ros
Department of Radiology

This month’s Student Spotlight goes to Christiane El Khoury. Christiane El Khoury is a pharmacist epidemiologist and a PPH PhD student. Christiane had the opportunity to present her recent publication entitled "A Systematic Review for Health Disparities and Inequities in Multi-parametri Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis", which was also presented as a finalist abstract in this year's Women in Medicine (WIM) Research Day. This work is a depiction of a transitional model from health disparities into inequities, unraveling a potential unfairness in prostate cancer outcome. She hopes her participation in WIM highlights the need for access to innovative diagnostic techniques especially in minority groups and encourages further essential contributions made by women in the field of public health and medicine.  She also states "the terms “Disparities” and “Inequities” are used almost interchangeably in Health Services Research. What is often overlooked is the transition from one to the other. In fact, disparities refer to a certain difference (lack of parity), while inequities refer to unfairness, which is both avoidable and preventable."