CPH Exam

Public health professionals confront the challenges of
complex health issues daily, including such problems as controlling infectious
diseases, reducing environmental hazards, preparing for natural disasters and
other emergencies, and decreasing unhealthy behaviors. In order to be effective, public health
professionals need to stay at the forefront of the field in terms of knowledge
and skills, learning new strategies and building their professional abilities. The Certified in Public Health (CPH) Exam assists in attaining this goal. The CPH Exam has multiple benefits:

  • Sets a standard of knowledge and skills in public health
  • Encourages lifelong learning
  • Adds credibility to the public health profession
  • Increases public health awareness
  • Fosters professional community

The exam is rooted in the five basic core competencies of public health. It is administered only to graduates of CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health.

This information was taken from www.nbphe.org. Please visit the same website for more information about the CPH Exam.