PhD Curriculum

The PhD Program offers a doctoral degree with a robust core curriculum and two possible concentrations: Population Health or Clinical Outcomes Research. The PhD program consists of two years of course work, followed by the Preliminary Examination and independent research leading to the dissertation.

Preparation for a research career will include publishing in peer-reviewed journals and writing proposals to obtain research project funding. Students are expected to work with faculty to develop their own independent research projects, which will go beyond the boundaries of existing faculty research.

Research stipends are available on a competitive basis, contingent upon an available research mentor.  Visit our Research Mentors and Current Funding Opportunities page for more information.

Core Curriculum:

HPH 501               Introduction to the Research Process
HPH 506               Biostatistics I
HPH 507               Biostatistics II
HPH 508               Health Systems Performance
HPH 514               Epidemiology for Public Health
HPH 523               Social & Behavioral Determinants of Health
HPH 527               Health Economics and Policy
HPH 559               Advanced Research Methods
HPH 560               Applied Biostatistics      
HPD 605               Intro Doctoral Studies
HPD 685               Research in Population Health & Clinical Science              
HPD 686               Mentored Research

Students are required to complete one concentration:

Concentration: Population Health

HPD 673               Longitudinal Data Analysis          
HPD 674               Statistical Methods in Clinical Outcomes and Health Services Research
HPH 534               Spatial Analysis
HPD 661               Psychometric Theory

Concentration: Clinical Outcomes Research

HPD 664               Clinical Trials
HPD 665               Clinical Outcomes Research
HPD 673               Longitudinal Data Analysis
HPD 674               Statistical Methods in Clinical Outcomes and Health Services Research

Post-Preliminary Exam Courses:

HPD 692               Practicum in Teaching I
HPD 693               Practicum in Teaching II
HPD 694               Grant Writing
HPD 699               Dissertation Research