Erica Diminich, PhD

Erica Diminich HeadShot

Erica D. Diminich, Ph.D.
Research Scientist


Twitter: @erica_dim 


  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology with Minor in Research Methods and Design, Columbia University
  • M.S., Statistics, Columbia University

Professional Experience:

  • Psychology Intern, Mount Sinai-St. Luke’s Hospital 2014-2015; Rotations: Adult Psychiatry inpatient unit; Neuropsychological assessments; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, New York University Langone School of Medicine 2015-2018; Schizophrenia Research Group: Training; Biomarkers, RCTs, First Episode Psychosis

Research Interests:

Dr. Diminich’s mentor is Dr. Sean Clouston, Associate Professor in PPH. Her research centers on 1) understanding the neurobiological stress response on aging, cognitive functioning and chronic disease and 2) examining how chronic stress intersects with emotional responding and social, cultural and contextual factors to influence health throughout the life course among Latino/a adults.

Dr. Diminich is an NIA Butler Williams Aging Scholar, recipient of the NIH Loan Repayment Program (LRP) and Research Scientist via the Michigan Center for Contextual Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center for Minority Aging Research (MCCFAD-AD-RCMAR). Her current work funded by the NIA and Alzheimer’s Association examines biological, emotional and cognitive mechanisms associated with chronic stress, brain health and aging in Latino populations at midlife.

Selected Publications: 

Diminich, E. D., Clouston, S. A., Kranidis, A., Kritikos, M., Kotov, R., Kuan, P., ... & Luft, B. J. (2021). Chronic posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbid cognitive and physical impairments in World Trade Center responders. Journal of traumatic stress34(3), 616-627.

Garcia, M. A., Ortiz, K., Arévalo, S. P., Diminich, E. D., Briceño, E., Vega, I. E., & Tarraf, W. (2020). Age of migration and cognitive function among older Latinos in the United States. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, (Preprint), 1-19.

Diminich, E. D., Dickerson, F., Bello, I., Cather, C., Kingdon, D., Rouhakhtar, P. J. R., ... & Goff, D. C. (2020). D-cycloserine augmentation of cognitive behavioral therapy for delusions: A randomized clinical trial. Schizophrenia research222, 145-152.

Diminich, E. D., & Bonanno, G. A. (2014). Faces, feelings, words: divergence across channels of emotional responding in complicated grief. Journal of abnormal psychology123(2), 350.