Combined MPH/MAPP

In collaboration with the Master of Arts in Public Policy Program, the Program in Public Health offers a combined MPH/MAPP degree that prepared students for a career in public health administration and policy-making. The MPH/MAPP program includes about 20 credits of overlap, which reduces the total number of credits in the combined program to 63-66. Students select an MPH concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Policy and Management, or Community Health. Students receive both degrees upon completion of the entire program.

Admissions Requirements

Students who wish to be considered for admission into the MPH/MAPP program must comply with all admission requirements for the MPH degree alone. The MPH Admissions Committee reviews completed applications initially and recommends eligible applicants to the Political Science Department, respectively, for final approval.

For an example of the combined MPH/MAPP Suggested Plans of Study and Advising Sheets click the following links:

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Looking for a previous year's plan of study? Please contact the Associate Director for Academic and Student Affairs, Lakshmi Ramsoondar.