Combined MPH/MS in Nutrition

The burgeoning field of Public Health is concerned with protecting and improving the health and well-being of communities and populations. Nutrition is a critical and common factor in many public health initiatives whether the focus is on health promotion, environmental sustainability or disease prevention.  The Program in Public Health and the Graduate Program in Nutrition are pleased to offer this combined educational opportunity for individuals who are interested in leadership roles in which knowledge of nutrition is both marketable and practical.

The MPH/MS Nutrition program includes 12-15 credits of overlap, which reduces the total number of credits in the combined program to 75-78 (depending on the MPH concentration). Students select an MPH concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Policy and Management, or Community Health. Students receive both degrees upon completion of the entire program.

Admissions Requirements

Students who wish to be considered for admission into the combined MPH/MS Nutrition program must comply with all admission requirements for the MPH degree alone. The MPH Admissions Committee reviews completed applications initially and recommends eligible applicants to the Nutrition Program Admissions Committee, respectively, for final approval.

The MS Nutrition requires one course in each of the following before enrollment in courses for the degree:

  • Physiology (laboratory not required)
  • A nutrition course if the undergraduate degree is not in nutrition/dietetics. Prospective students can take the Survey of Nutrition course offered by the Program as a non-matriculated student or use a previously taken nutrition course with approval of the course syllabus by Program coordinator. Alternatively, prospective students can be admitted to the Program with the condition that they successfully complete the Survey of Nutrition course.  If the student successfully completes the Survey of Nutrition course they can proceed with registration for the subsequent semester.

Students can select from any of the MPH concentrations for the combined MPH/MS Nutrition program.

For the combined MPH/MS Nutrition Suggested Plan of Study, click on the following links. 

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