MPH Competencies

MPH Foundational Knowledge Areas and MPH Competencies

The MPH degree curriculum is competency-based to comply with current national efforts to improve the quality and accountability of public health training programs. Our accrediting body, the Council for Education in Public Health (CEPH), has identified and provided 12 Foundational Public Health Knowledge Areas and 22 Foundational Competencies which ensure that all MPH students have knowledge and skills in the five basic, discipline-specific, competency areas of public health: biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, health policy and management, and the social and behavioral sciences, as well as cross-cutting and emerging public health areas. Students also attain competency in informatics and communication, professionalism, systems thinking, research methods, and problem-solving. The Foundational Public Health Knowledge Areas and the Foundational Competencies are addressed by our core curriculum.

MPH Foundational Knowledge Areas

The 12 Foundational Public Health Knowledge Areas are found here.

* Please use the links below when identifying the competencies that will be strengthened through your chosen Practicum. Be advised that at least five competencies, three Foundational and two Concentration Competencies, must be addressed during the Practicum experience.

CEPH Foundational Competencies*

The 22 Foundational Competencies are found here.

MPH Concentration Competencies*

The Health Analytics, Health Policy and Management, and Community Health concentrations also have concentration-specific competencies

MPH Concentration Competencies 

MPH students' success in achieving these competencies is measured before and after completion of the Program (Orientation and Graduation Competency Assessments), as well as before and after each Core course (Pre/Post Course Competency Assessments).

For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2018, see the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs for more information regarding competencies.