MPH Competencies

The curriculum for the MPH degree is competency-based in order to
comply with current national efforts to improve the quality and accountability
of public health training programs. The Program in Public Health faculty
developed the required MPH Core Competencies, using the Association of Schools
of Public Health (ASPH), Master’s of Public Health Core Competency Development
Project as the starting point.

To ensure that all students have a broad understanding of the
basic areas of public health, every student is required to complete all MPH
Core courses. Students receive training in the five basic, discipline-specific,
competency areas of public health: biostatistics, environmental health,
epidemiology, health policy and management, and the social and behavioral
sciences. Students also receive core competency education in informatics and
communication, professionalism, systems thinking, research methods, and problem
solving. The Health Analytics, Health Policy and Management, and Community Health
concentrations have concentration-specific competencies. The Program’s success
in transmitting the competencies to students is measured before and after
completion of the Program (Orientation and Graduation Competency Assessments),
as well as before and after each Core course (Pre/Post Course Competency
Assessments). A table with the complete list of MPH Core and Concentration
Competencies can be found below.


For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2014, see the Academic Coordinator for more information regarding competencies.