Organization of Public Health Students and Alumni (OPHSA)

The Program in Public Health (PPH) graduated its first class in May 2006.  Since that time, the alumni of the Program have organized with students to create an association that serves both groups:  Organization of Public Health Students and Alumni (OPHSA).  The purpose of OPHSA is to achieve the following goals:

  1. To promote the general welfare and professional image of Stony Brook University and the PPH.
  2. To foster a strong relationship between the school, faculty and members of the organization.
  3. To foster and sustain collegial relationships between members of the student body and alumni of the PPH.
  4. To promote participation between alumni and students in educational, scientific and public health research activities.
  5. To identify and develop resources to assist students, alumni and faculty in their careers.
  6. To maintain student and alumni representatives who will advocate for the needs of the student population on standing committees of the PPH.
  7. To promote educational activities necessary for the maintenance and promotion of certification in the public health professions.
  8. To promote public participation and advocacy for public health issues.

The Program in Public Health strongly supports OPHSA and encourages alumni and student participation.  OPHSA is a very important step in furthering the vision, mission, and goals of the Program.

To contact OPHSA please email,

RAP (Research Access Project)

The aim of the program is to aid in the professional development of graduate students by providing financial assistance in the form of travel grants. Specifically, RAP provides funds for graduate students to
travel to conferences or performances in order to present professional work related to their particular academic disciplines. Note that the Internal Control Program of the GSO stipulates that RAP funds are
directly tied to a department senator’s attendance at GSO Senate meetings, and only students from active departments can receive RAP funding. A department is considered inactive if the senator representing it has not been present at two out of the last three senate meetings. In the case that a department is inactive, all applications for RAP funding from this department are put on hold until the status of the department becomes active. Students are eligible to receive a maximum of $350 per fiscal year. 

To download the RAP form, please click here.