Steven Jonas, M.D.


Steven Jonas, M.D.

Speaker Year: 2014

Commencement Speech

Dr. Steven Jonas is Professor Emeritus of
Preventive Medicine, SBU SOM and the PPH, with a B.A., Columbia College (1958),
M.D., Harvard (1962), M.P.H., Yale (1967), and M.S, NYU (1997), and board certification in Preventive Medicine. 

He is a Fellow of the NYAS, ACPM, APHA, NYAM,
and the RSM (UK) and a Past President of the ATPM.  Among his awards are the Faculty Recognition
Award of the GPPH, SBU (2008), and the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Yale
School of Public Health (2010).

He has published 16 books of his own and
collaborated/is collaborating on 19 others, from Quality Control of
Ambulatory Care
(New York: Springer Publishing Co., 1977) through The
15% Solution: How the Republican Religious Right Took Control of the U.S.,
1981-2022 – A Futuristic Novel
(Punto Press, 2013).  He is Founding Editor of Jonas and
Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States
, (Springer Publishing, 1st
ed., 1977), and an Associate Editor of Health Promotion and Disease
Prevention in Clinical Practice
(1996, 2008), each the first of its
kind.  Among his other “firsts” were: Triathloning
for Ordinary Mortals®
(1986), Take Control of Your Weight (1993), Regular
Exercise: A Handbook for Clinical Practice (1995)
, and ACSM’s Exercise
is Medicine tm: A Clinician’s Guide to Exercise Prescription (co-authored,

He has published over 135 professional
articles, book chapters, and book reviews, and has delivered well over 100
papers at conferences and seminars, has been
Editor-in-Chief of the American Medical Athletics Association Journal since
2002, and has
published numerous articles in the lay press, primarily on exercise and
sports.  He is a regular monthly
contributor to the USA-Triathlon Blog, under the heading “Talking
Triathlon/Duathlon for Ordinary Mortals®, by Steve Jonas.” 

He is the Editorial Director for the website of
The Political Junkies for Progressive Democracy, and a regular columnist
for BuzzFlash, The Greanville Press, OpEd News, and The
Planetary Movement

Dr. Jonas has two
children of his own, a stepson, and three grandchildren.  He is married to Mrs. Chezna Newman of New
York City.  He has been a triathlete/duathlete
for 32 seasons and also is a certified ski instructor (retired).