Sean Clouston, Ph.D.

Sean Clouston


Sean Clouston, Ph.D.

Director of Research

Professor, Department of Family, Population, and Preventive Medicine

Program in Public Health



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Dr. Clouston is a longitudinal life course epidemiologist who is interested in using algorithms to examine the role of long-term and chronic exposures in relation to aging-related outcomes in old age. He has a number of ongoing research projects: First, Dr. Clouston helps to monitor the role of long-duration exposures at the World Trade Center on neurological health of responders to the events following the 9/11/2001 attacks. A second line of research seeks to examine social determinants of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias using a novel methods to algorithmically-diagnose Alzheimer's disease. His work, however, is incorporated into a number of other research programs at Stony Brook University in the fields of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Computer Science.


Ph.D., Sociology, McGill University (2011)

MA, Social Statistics, McGill University (2006)

BA, Sociology and Mathematics, University of Victoria (2005)

Academic Interests:

Social inequalities in health; Social epidemiology; Life course epidemiology; Quantitative methodologies.

Active Grants:

1U01OH012258-01(Clouston PI; Hall PI)                                                                 7/1/2021-6/30/2026
Cognition and neuropathology in World Trade Center-exposed FDNY, NYPD, and construction worker responders

1U01OH012257-01 (Kuan PI; Clouston PI)                                                             7/1/2021-6/308/2024
Changes in monocyte transcriptome as a predictor of cognitive decline in WTC responders: a longitudinal study

5R01AG049953-07 (Clouston, PI)                                                                        05/15/15-4/30/2025
A life course approach to integrating trauma and cognitive aging: A cohort of 9/11 responders

1R01AG067590-01A1 (Clouston, PI; Kuan, PI; Vaska, PI)                                  3/15/2021-2/28/2026
Burden and change in Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology in aging World Trade Center responders

1R21AG074706-01 (Mujica-Parodi, PI; Clouston, PI)                                          9/1/2021-5/31/2023
Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Accelerated Brain Aging in World Trade Center Responders

1RF1AG058595-01A1 (Clouston, PI)                                                         02/01/19-01/31/24
Social inequalities and the onset of Alzheimer's pathology: The role of Race/Ethnicity, cognitive reserve, and occupational complexity.

P30 AG012836, (Kohler, PI; Kohler & Clouston, Pilot Co-PI)                     07/01/20-06/30/22
Pilot Study: Comparative Cognitive Health Changes in Low-Income Settings
Understand the comparability of cognitive testing and results in the Malawi Lifelong Family and Health Study (MLSFH).

R01 MH125702 (Schwartz, PI; Clouston, Co-I)                                                   01/01/21-11/30/24
SCH: Advancing Language-based Analyses of Social Media to Reliably Monitor Variation in Population Mental Health.
The central goal of this study is methodological in that it hopes to improve the use of online social media to help with estimation of trends in poorer mental health across place and over time.

R01 AG067621 (Hofer, PI; Clouston SBU Subcontract PI)                02/15/19-11/30/24
Evaluation of multivariate causal factors linking the Flynn effect to declining dementia trends and cognitive aging.
Understand the importance of birth cohort to expectations of cognitive decay in old age.

R01 AG060933, (Scott SB, PI; Clouston, Co-I)                                            09/01/18-08/31/23
The Role of Personality in Cognitive Aging and Dementia
Understand the longitudinal association between changes in personality and changes in cognition utilizing data Ecological Monitoring information derived from a novel data collection using longitudinal burst designs as part of the Einstein Aging Study.

Select Publications:

Chen APF, Clouston SAP, Kritikos M, Richmond L, Meliker J, Mann F, Santiago-Michels S, Pellecchia AC, Carr MA, Kuan P-F, Bromet EJ, Luft BJ. A deep learning approach for monitoring parietal-dominant Alzheimer’s disease in World Trade Center responders at midlife. Brain Communications. 2021;3(3). doi: 10.1093/braincomms/fcab145.

Clouston S, Morozova O, Meliker J. Outdoor transmission of COVID-19: Analysis of windspeed. medRxiv. 2021.

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Book Chapters:

Clouston, Sean. 2014. "Counterfactual models for inferring causality in longitudinal lifecourse research." In Healthy Ageing across the Life Course. Kuh, D et al. (Eds.) Oxford University Press. Oxford, UK