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Student Ambassador Profile
Michael Yen;
Anticipated Graduation: May 2013
Program: MPH/MAPP
Concentration: Public Health Practice
Email: michaeltyyen@gmail.com

What advice would you give to a new student in the program?

Definitely reach out to your fellow students and professors. They are amazing people and can help you a lot not only with your classes but finding opportunities to benefit you in the future. Try to participate as much as possible with OPHSA and the projects it sponsors so that you can gain more experience in the public health field.

What do you enjoy most about the program?

I enjoy the fact that the faculty members are very helpful and supportive. If you work hard and strive for more, they will definitely help you gain opportunities to excel. I personally found many research and internship opportunities through my professors, which allows me to do far more than I could have imagined before.