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Rebecca MPH

Rebecca Dreyer, MPH, MSSA, LMSW

Class 2017 

Community Health 

Rebecca Dreyer graduated from Stony Brook University with her MPH degree in 2017 with a concentration in Community Health. After graduating, Rebecca worked as a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist in Suffolk Country, providing evidence-based programs in schools and conducting community needs assessments. Afterward, Becca went back to school for clinical social work with hopes of providing psychotherapy to trauma survivors and work with communities to address trauma-related issues. Becca graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Master of Science in Social Administration and received her Licensed Masters Social Worker professional licensure. After witnessing the devastating effects of the pandemic on the community. She used both public health and social work approaches to address the resulting trauma and stressors. Becca is currently working as a crisis counselor and doing public health outreach for EAC Network, a provider agency for NY Project Hope, a COVID-19 crisis counseling program. They offer free, anonymous, and confidential crisis counseling to anyone suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Suffolk Country throughout their helpline. Trained crisis counselors are available to provide emotional support implement evidence-based coping skills and give the caller a safe space to process their stressors. Topics include anxiety, grief and loss, stress related to unemployment, and food insecurity. They also offer public education sessions and support groups to the community to raise awareness and help with stress management. In addition to crisis counseling, they conduct assessments and provide referrals for longer-term interventions and resources. Becca hopes that there will be a cultural shift, resulting in less stigmatization of mental health problems and more individuals will seek needed mental health care. By implementing this program, their goal is to raise awareness and normalize the emotions and somatic presentations of the constant stress and collective trauma that we are all experiencing.