Community Health Practicum Projects

OMH Geriatric
Physical-Mental Health Integration Grant

Description: grant from NYS office of Mental
Health designed to increase the integration of physical and mental health

Organization: East End Institute for Long Term Care

Applying the Trans-theoretical Model of Behavior Change to a
Cardiovascular Risk Prevention Program to Effect Healthy Life Style Changes:
Challenges & Opportunities

Description: “Fit Kids for Life” is a cardiology
prevention program administered through the Stony Brook University General
Clinical Research Center that aims to address the national upward trend in
overweight and obese children and adolescents, specifically for Suffolk
County’s youth. 

Organization: Fit Kids for Life

Challenging Alcohol Abuse & Correlated Negative Health Behaviors at
Stony Brook University

Description: tailored a program to address the
needs of Stony Brook University regarding intimate-partner violence and binge
drinking through previous surveys

Organization: Stony Brook University, Center for
Prevention & Outreach

Evaluation of KFBPTA Tolerance
Program at Half Hollow Hills High School

Description: evaluation of the program which
incorporates theatre with peer education to facilitate health education

Organization: KFB Prevention Through the Arts,

Quality Improvement and Risk Management

Description: Concern for Independent Living is one
of the largest non-profit housing and service organizations for individuals and
families with Mental illness on Long Island. 
Student worked on addressing the recent changes in requirements for
corporate compliance and risk management. 

Organization: Concern for Independent Living,
Medford, NY

Public Health, Media,
and Psychogenic Illness

Description: Participated on research team to
address why some people react differently than others in a public health
emergency and what role does the media have on their communicative and
psychological response.

Organization: Stony Brook University, Center for
Communicating Science

Kit Backlog Study

Students are working on an on-going project that aims to to assess
the status of the rape kit backlog in New York State and identify best
practices. Students interview police departments across the state regarding the
number of reported sexual assaults, arrests, prosecutions and convictions in a
given year; the departments policies and practices regarding rape kit
processing; average volume of rape kits; factors associated with prioritizing
which rape kits get tested, and barriers to processing kits.  Students also help with analysis, report
writing, and dissemination of study findings.

taking on new students each year.

Organization: Natasha’s Justice Project