Combined 5-Year MD/MPH Degree Program

The Program in Public Health at Stony Brook offers a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, which can be obtained with the MD degree. The combined program requires the completion of all School of Medicine requirements for a Medical Doctorate (MD) and all 54 credits of the MPH program.  However, the School of Medicine will accept the following MPH courses which will be applied towards 8-10 weeks of electives: HPH 506, HPH 507, HPH 514, and HPH 508. In addition, the Program in Public Health will accept 6-9 credits from the School of Medicine for their Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Medicine in Contemporary Society, and Themes in Medical Education modules that will substitute for a 3-credit course within the core MPH curriculum and 3-6 credits within the respective concentration. Students will be able to select one of the three MPH concentrations – Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Community Health, and Health Policy and Management - when matriculating into the combined program.

Typical 5-Year Sequencing:

MD then MPH then MD: The student would take one year of MPH course work in the Program in Public Health between their second and third year of medical school. Please note that some MPH course work would need to be taken during medical school.  

Admission Requirements

Applicants who wish to be considered for admission into the combined MD/MPH degree program must apply separately to both the School of Medicine and Program in Public Health. Applicants will be reviewed and admitted to each program separately. Once approved by both the School of Medicine and MPH Admissions Committees, the student will be designated as a combined degree candidate. The Program in Public Health strongly encourages applicants to indicate their interest in the combined-degree program in their AMCAS application to Stony Brook.  Applicants should wait to formally apply to the MPH program after admission into the School of Medicine or during their first year of medical school.

Applicants applying for admission to both the Program in Public Health (PPH) and the Renaissance School of Medicine (RSOM):

  • The application process for the PPH is separate from the application to the Stony Brook RSOM. Admission to one program is determined independently from admission to the other; and admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other.
  • To avoid the need to send support documents to both programs, Stony Brook RSOM applicants who also apply to the PPH can request in writing that the RSOM provide to the PPH a copy of their support documents including MCAT scores, official transcripts from all post-secondary schools, and letters of recommendation for their application for admission to the PPH.
  • RSOM applicants who apply to the PPH must provide one additional reference that addresses the applicant's public health leadership potential.

Tuition Information

A limited number of MD students can be admitted to the MPH program and will be eligible for applicable tuition waivers. For more information about the MPH Tuition Waiver please speak with the Associate Director for Academic & Student Affairs.

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