Combined MBA/MPH



In collaboration with the College of Business, the Program in Public Health offers a combined MBA/ MPH degree which prepares students for a management career in the health field. The MBA/ MPH program includes about 20 credits of overlap, which reduces the total number of credits in the combined program to 81. Students select an MPH concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Health Policy and Management, or Community Health. Students receive both degrees upon completion of the entire program. Click here to see what an alum from the MBA/MPH program has to say.

Special Note: Students in the combined MBA/MPH program pay the graduate MBA tuition rate. For more tuition information click here.

Admissions Requirements

Students who wish to be considered for admission into the combined MBA/ MPH program must comply with all admission requirements for the MPH degree alone. The MPH Admissions Committee reviews completed applications initially and recommends eligible applicants to the College of Business Admissions Committee, respectively, for final approval.


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MBA/MPH Alumni Spotlight

The Impact of a Combined MBA/MPH Degree in the Evolution of Health Care

"It is undisputable that there has been quite an overhaul with changes to the delivery of health care in recent years. It is also clear that there is a serious need in professionals who are equipped with the knowledge to handle the many issues we currently face and to adequately carry out those changes. The need for unique professionals who have the ability to solve complex health care problems to make it more accessible, affordable and effective, especially for the underserved population is what drew me to this program.

Stony Brook University recognized early on the need for educating individuals with this unique set of skills and thus I was given the opportunity to be the first graduate of the university’s combined MBA/MPH program. After learning a great deal in the classroom and through projects in the field, I was able to take my degrees and experience to an institution in Brooklyn where I worked in hospital administration and made a significant impact in not only the improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness but also health care delivery by creating innovative solutions for an underserved population. This achievement allowed me to appreciate that I wanted to impact health care quality directly as a physician as well and use the knowledge/experience that I gained both at Stony Brook and in the work force to help solve the important health care questions we face today. I will be completing medical school in May 2015 and will be using the experience I gained at Stony Brook University in my future practice as a physician leader."

Amruta Desai, MBA, MPH