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December 27, 2011: Congratulations, Evonne Kaplan-Liss, Joan Broderick, Dennis Dorf, and Elizabeth Bass! Dr. Kaplan-Liss, Research Assistant Professor in the GPPH, Dr. Joan Broderick, Affiliated Public Health Faculty member, Dennis Dorf, MPH Alumnus, and Elizabeth Bass, MPH alumni, have recently had their article titled “A challenging empirical question: What are the effects of media on psychogenic illness during a community crisis?” accepted for publication in the Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education. To view the article, click here.

December 6, 2011: Health Communication Certificate Students Create A Social Norms Campaign! Tiffany Clemmings, Maria Nardiello, Trinley Palmo and Christine Vargas created “8 in 10, A Social Norms Campaign” to promote responsible drinking among students at Stony Brook University.  They reached out to students during Wolfstock 2011, the Homecoming game, and the Red Watch Band Graduation ceremony to help inform students about responsible drinking, as well as the support services offered on campus regarding drinking.  To view the PowerPoint of the Campaign, click here.

November 8, 2011: Certified in Public Health Exam! Registration is now open for the February 2012 Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam. The CPH exam will be administered across the world between February 3 and February 27, 2012. It is recommended that you register early for the best price and earliest scheduling permits to book your choice of exam date, time, and location. Graduates of and students at public health schools or programs accredited by CEPH are eligible for the February 2012 exam. To learn more about the CPH exam please visit www.publichealthexam.org.

November 4, 2011: Free HIV Testing! The Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc. (LIAAC) is supporting Stony Brook University Campus Testing. Free confidential HIV testing via Rapid Test, offers testing and results in one appointment. When you call to book your appointment, the campus location will be identified. To book your appointment, call the LIAAC hotline at 866-236-3448.

November 4, 2011: No Charge Tobacco Cessation Support Groups! Stony Brook University students with student identification are able to participate in free cessation classes as well as receive a free nicotine replacement product.  Pre-registration is required and can be done by visitinghttp://co.suffolk.ny.us/departments/healthservices/healtheducation.aspx.

October 21, 2011: Congratulations, Ramneet Kalra! Ramneet, a current MPH student, has recently been accepted as poster presentation at Stony Brook University's inaugural Converging Science Summit on Monday October 24, 2011.  The title of the poster presentation is "Establishing Accountability in the Dental Health Care Industry to Promote Overall Health and Drive". 

September 20, 2011: Congratulations, Raymond Goldsteen! Dr. Goldsteen is the CoPI of the new HRSA-funded New York City-Long Island-Lower Tri-County Public Health Training Center, one of only 37 such centers in the country. It is a collaborative project of the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and the State University of New York, Stony Brook’s Graduate Program in Public Health, in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH), and the five county health departments of Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties.

The NYC-LI-LTC PHTC offers flexible, web-based training programs for current public health workers as well as face-to-face training programs in the five boroughs of New York City and the five target counties.  There is no charge for web-based or face-to-face training programs and many offer continuing education credits.  The Center also supports a limited number of MPH student field placements and faculty/student collaborative projects for future public health workers to gain experience at participating local partner health departments and public health agencies.

September 9, 2011: Feminist Campus Colloquium Fall 2011!Dr. Tia Palermo, faculty member in the Graduate Program in Public Health will be presenting on the topic of “Sexual Violence Against Women in the DRC: Population-Based Estimates and Determinants” at this year’s Colloquium.  Th event will take place on Wedensday, Septemeber 21st at 4pm in Humanities 1008 and is sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies, Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory.

For more details, please click here.

August 25, 2011: Congratulations, Kathleen Flynn-Bisson! Kathleen Flynn-Bisson, Affiliated Public Health Faculty member in the Graduate Program in Public Health and Director of KFB Prevention Through the Arts, was acknowledged for her commitment to helping the youth of Long Island improve their health. Her newest endeavor is Stories of Substance, which uses a combination of drama, music, and humor to portray events in the lives of Long Island students so that they can explore their feelings and understand the health consequences of their actions. This fall, Kathleen is launching the Stories of Substance pilot program to reach a younger audience in the West Babylon Junior High School.

To read more about Stories of Substance, please click here.

August 18, 2011: Congratulations, Steven Jonas! Dr. Jonas’s research paper “Beyond Financing and Payments: Problems Faced by the U.S Health Care System” has been published in Health Care Systems- A Global Survey, which contains 27 research papers on health care systems in different countries of the world.

For more information about the book visit: Amazon.com (ISBN: 978-81-7708-279-1)

July 19, 2011: Congratulations, BreenaTaira! Dr. Taira, MD/MPH alumna, will be receiving a 2011 Outstanding Recent Graduate Award from the Stony Brook University School of Medicine for her many contributions to medicine and public health so far.


July 19, 2011: Congratulations, Fabio Lima! Fabio, current MPH student, was selected for one of the 2011 American Heart Association Scholarships in Cardiovascular Disease.  Out of many applications, he was 1 of 20 people chosen for this prestigious award.

For more information about the scholarship, please visit: http://my.americanheart.org/professional/Councils/AwardsandLectures/Scho...

July 12, 2011: Congratulations, Evonne Kaplan-Liss!  Dr. Kaplan-Liss, Assistant Research Professor in the GPPH, was invited to speak at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Partnerships in Environmental Public Health Conference in Washington, DC about how to work with the media to increase communication about environmental health projects and practical issues relevant to environmental health communication.

July 12, 2011: Congratulations, Lauren Hale! Dr. Hale, Associate Professor in the GPPH, in collaboration with Eric Reither (Utah State University) and Patrick Krueger (University of Colorado), was awarded an R21 grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, entitled "Sleep, Obesity, and the Wellbeing of US Adolescents."  The proposed research will utilize data from multiple waves of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) to investigate the role that sleep may play in contributing to disparities in obesity among adolescents, and also potential interaction effects between sleep and obesity on physical and psychosocial well-being.

June 23, 2011: Congratulations, Steven Jonas! Dr. Jonas’ most recent book titled “101 Ideas & Insights for Triathletes and Duathletes” has been published by Healthy Learning and endorsed by Skip Gilbert (Former CEO of USA Triathlon), Susan Bradley-Cox (USA Triathlon Hall of Famer), and more.

For more information, visit: http://coacheschoice.com/p-2428-101-ideas-insights-for-triathletes-duathletes.aspx

June 21, 2011: Congratulations, Ramneet Kalra and Farzana Ali! Ramneet Kalra, current MBA/MPH student, will present at a poster session during the 139th APHA Annual Meeting on October 29 - November 2, 2011 in Washington, DC. The title of her presentation is “Establishing Accountability in the Dental Healthcare Industry to Promote Oral Health and Drive Utilization". In addition, Farzana Ali, MPH alum, will also present at a poster session during the 139th APHA Annual Meeting titled “Does obesity worsen asthma-related outcomes in US children?."

June 14, 2011: Congratulations, Alan S. Cooper! Dr. Cooper, a MPH alum, is currently teaching a course in Health Care Delivery Systems in the School of Health Technology and Management at Stony Brook. Also, Dr. Cooper is part of a group of faculty selected to teach Medicine in the Community and Society to second year medical students at Stony Brook University.

June 14, 2011: Congratulations, Aleef Rahman! Aleef, current MPH student, co-authored a research paper titled "An Unusual Case of Neurogenic Sexual Dysfunction Due to Lead Exposure" that was published in the Open Andrology Journal. He was working with faculty from the Departments of Urology and Anesthesiology at Stony Brook University. The online version of the paper (Volume 3, 2011) is available at the following link:http://www.benthamscience.com/open/toandroj/openaccess2.htm

June 14, 2011: Congratulations, Jennifer Haase! Jennifer, a MPH Alum, has recently passed the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam. She was in the Community Health Concentration and she is the first student to take the CHES exam. For more information about the CHES certification please visit: http://www.nchec.org/

May 16, 2011: Congratulations, Tia Palermo! Dr. Palermo’s research titled “Estimates and Determinants of Sexual Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo” has been published in the American Journal of Public Health. This new study, based on examination of government-collected and nationally representative data from the Democratic Republic of Congo shows that levels of rape and sexual violence against women in the country are 26 times higher than official United Nations estimates. The story has been widely publicized in both print and on radio including but not limited to the NY Times, Reuters, Daily Beast, ABC News, World News-Sky Broadcasting (UK), and BBC News.

Information was recently published in the American Journal of Public Health visit: http://www.stonybrookmedicalcenter.org/medicalcenter/DRC

May 10, 2011: Congratulations to Farzana Ali for successfully passing the Certified Public Health exam.

Public health professionals daily face the challenges of confronting complex health issues, such as controlling infectious diseases, reducing environmental hazards, public health preparedness and substance abuse.

With all of these serious challenges, public health professionals need to be dedicated to staying at the forefront of their field by understanding the interaction between the different specialized areas of public health, learning new strategies to cope with disasters, and constantly working to stay two steps ahead of any threat in order to be effective with the proactive and preventative approach that characterizes the public health field.

Becoming a Certified Public Health Professional Has Multiple Benefits:

  • Sets a standard of knowledge and skills in public health
  • Encourages life-long learning
  • Adds credibility to public health profession
  • Increasing public health awareness
  • Fosters environment of a professional community

The exam is rooted in the five basic core competencies of public health to reflect the nature of the field and the way one area of knowledge blends into another. The certification exam is administered to graduates of CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health.

Information modified from www.publichealthexam.org.

May 3, 2011: Congratulations, Carolyn Gallagher and Jaymie Meliker! Carolyn, a MPH alum and PhD Candidate, has recently had two articles published. One of them was co-authored with Dr. Jamie Meliker, GPPH Faculty. Please click to the respective titles to view her publications.

Co-Authored: C. Gallagher and J. Meliker 
“Total blood mercury, plasma homocysteine, methylmalonic acid and folate in US children aged 3–5 years, NHANES 1999–200"

Co-Authored: C. Gallagher, J.Chen, and J. Kovach
“The relationship between body iron stores and blood and urine cadmium concentrations in US never-smoking, non-pregnant women aged 20–49 years"

April 27, 2011: Congratulations, Dilruba Khanam! Dilruba, current MPH student, will receive a NYSCHA Certificate of Recognition for her outstanding work with SHAC - Student Health Advisory Committee and the Health Education program. The award is a recognition for her efforts in promoting health and wellness in our campus community during the Public Health Month 2011. Her activities include campus HIV testing events (and training events, including HIV Awareness training & HIPPA Certification/training of event student volunteers) and campus flu vaccine events.

April 20, 2011: Congratulations, Amy Hammock! Dr. Hammock has been asked to serve on SBU's Change Improvement Team -- a group of 5-7 people from the university who will be charged with developing prevention programs to improve health on campus. This is a national project initiated by Jim Kim - President of Dartmouth - called the National College Health Improvement Project. About 25 institutions have been asked to participate and will share their plans and experiences over the next several years.

April 1, 2011: Communications Scholarship! Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council Inc. is offering $2,000 Cash Award/Optional Internship to College Juniors, Seniors or Post Graduates studying Journalism, Communications Arts or Healthcare Administration. 
Applicant must be a resident of Nassau or Suffolk County (need not be attending a Long Island College).
Application Deadline: May 20, 2011.

For an application and qualification requirements contact:
Janine Logan
Ann Marie Brown Memorial Scholarship Coordinator
Nassau Suffolk Hospital Council
1383 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 26
Hauppauge, NY 11788
jlogan@nshc.org or visit www.nshc.org

Recipient is expected to attend award luncheon, June.

March 28, 2011: Congratulations, Jaymie Meliker! Dr. Meliker is Principal Investigator of a 4-year R01 grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to investigate the epidemiologic relationship between cadmium and breast cancer. His collaborators include colleagues at the Danish Cancer Society, RTI International, University of Missouri, and Stony Brook faculty Jack Kovach and Hongshik Ahn.

March 24, 2011: Congratulations, Aleef Rahman! Aleef, current MPH student,co-authored a research paper titled "Pharmacokinetic drug interactions of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors mediated by cytochrome P450 3A4 isoform" that was published in the International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences. He was working with researchers from the Departments of Anesthesiology and Urology at Stony Brook. Online version is available in the following link. http://www.academicjournals.org/ijmms/contents/2011cont/February.htm

March 23, 2011: Congratulations, Evonne Kaplan-Liss! Dr. Kaplan-Liss was awarded a Presidential Diversity Mini-Grant supporting the development of the communicating science curriculum in the School of Medicine.

March 10, 2011: Public Health Month 2011, March 21 – April 15! Each year, the Graduate Program in Public Health coordinates events around National Public Health Week through development of a variety of programs and activities for students, faculty, and staff. Since public health is a broad and multi-disciplinary field, we collaborate with many departments and organizations on campus to demonstrate the connectiveness of this profession.

March 10, 2011: Scholarship opportunity! $500 APHA Scholarship for all high schoolers, college and graduate students! To raise awareness about emergency preparedness, APHA is offering its third annual Get Ready Scholarship. Six scholarships of $500 each will be awarded to two high school students, two college undergraduate students and two graduate students who write the best essays on preparedness. Winning students will also receive a one-year membership in APHA. To learn more, visit the scholarship website or contact Pooja Bhandari at pooja.bhandari@apha.org. The deadline is March 28, or when each submission level has received 300 essays.

March 10, 2011: Congratulations, Evonne Kaplan-Liss and Elizabeth Bass! Dr. Kaplan-Liss and Elizabeth Bass (MPH alum) wrote an article titled, Experimental Induction of Psychogenic Illness in the Context of a Medical Event and Media Exposure, which was recently accepted in for publication in the American Journal of Disaster Medicine.

March 8, 2011: Congratulations, Lauren Hale! Dr. Hale, faculty member in the Graduate Program in Public Health, has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor because of her outstanding research, teaching, and service contributions to the profession, the Program, the School of Medicine, and the University.

February 17, 2011: Graduate Salute! The Graduate Salute is a one time / two day opportunity that provides all the information and services needed for graduation. Click here to know more.

February 16, 2011: Join the OPHSA Executive Board! At OPHSA, we advocate for public health initiatives, the social and academic aspects of our program, and have fun doing it!

Nominations for the 2011-2012 academic year for the following positions will be held next Wednesday, February 23rd at 3pm at the GPPH conference room:

Elections will take place on Wednesday, March 9th at 3pm at the GPPH conference room.  If you have any questions about these positions, please contact the current E-Board:
President - Dennis Dorf - Dorf87@gmail.com
Vice President - Shamuel Yagudayev - samyagud@gmail.com
Secretary - Zarmina Javed - zarminajaved@gmail.com
Treasurer - Ramneet Kalra - rkalra323@gmail.com