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Andrew Flescher


Andrew Flescher, Ph.D.
Core Faculty, Public Health (Bioethics and Social Policy)
Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine
Associate Professor, English
Program in Public Health




Ph.D. Religious Studies (Contemporary Religious Thought), Brown University (2000) 
M.A. Religious Studies (Contemporary Religious Thought), Brown University (1995)
B.A. Medieval and Renaissance Studies; History, Duke University (1991)

Academic Interests:

Biomedical ethics; Ethics and Health Care Policy; Ethics of Organ Donation; Medical Humanities; Compassion and Altruism; Health Care Justice; Normative Ethics; Moral Theory; Comparative Religious Ethics; Applied Ethics; Methods and Theory of Religion; Philosophy of Religion;  Religion and Culture; Arts, Religion and Literature; Religion and Film; Hermeneutics

Published Books:

(1)  Moral Evil, click here for more details  (2013)

(2)  The Altruistic Species, click here for more details (Earned the Choice award for outstanding academic title, 2009)

(3)  Heroes, Saints and Ordinary Morality, click here for more details (2003)

Select Recent Publications and Publications Underway:

Fall 2013: (under contract): “Health and Health Care Policy: An Ethical Perspective (1970s- present), Chapter 18 of The Guide to U.S. Health and Health Care Policy, DWJ Books LLC, ed. Thomas Oliver

Summer 2013: (under review) Book:The Organ Crisis in America: Markets, Civic Duty, and How to Close the Gap

Summer 2013: “Freedom and Free Will,” The Encyclopedia of Bioethics, ed. Alja Kooistra (Macmillan)

Spring, 2012: “Jamesian Overbelief and the Therapy of Hope,” Susanne Rohr and Miriam Strube (eds.). Revisioning Pragmatism: William James in the New Millennium, (Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2012).

Spring, 2012: “Altruism,” Encyclopedia Entry for VSR (Vocabulary for the Study of Religion), eds., Kocku von Stuckrad and Robert Segal (Brill)

Spring, 2012: “Religious Saints,” International Encyclopedia of Ethics, ed. Hugh LaFollette (Wiley-Blackwell)

Fall 2010: “Representations of Belief in a Cinematic Medium,” The Encyclopedia of Religion and Film

August 2004: Two Discussion Analyses (case studies), Case Studies in Community Health Care Ethics, eds. Joel Zimbelman and Becky White (Longman Publishing)

Some Recent Scholarly Conference Talks Delivered:

October 2012: “Should Health Care be Considered a “Right” in the United States?: Re-examining the Economics, Ethics, and Constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act,” California State University, Chico

May 2012: “Seven Ethical Issues of Organ Donation,” Conference: Live and Cadaveric Organ Transplantation: Truths and Myths, Barbados, West Indies

May 2012: “Brain Stem Death and Organ Donation,” Conference: Live and Cadaveric Organ Transplantation: Truths and Myths, Barbados, West Indies

May 2012: “Seven Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Donation,” Conference: Live and Cadaveric Organ Transplantation: Truths and Myths, Barbados, West Indies

April 2012: “The Case Against Selling Organs,” Stony Brook Hospital (Debate with Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Amy Friedman), Conference: Should Society Allow for the Sale of Organs

November 2011: “Psychopathy and the new Manichean Challenge to Moral Agency,” Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT

April 2011: “Is Health Care A Right?,” Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

October 2010:  “Is There Any Chance in Hell?: Psychopathology and the new Manichean Challenge to Moral Agency” California State University, Chico

July 2010:  “Does Hope Constitute Sound Medical Therapy,?” CRIA-Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologi, a ISCTE-IUL Iunstituto Universitário de Lisboa

June 2010:  “William James and the Pragmatist Conception of Truth,” Paderborn University

June 2010:  “Jamesian Overbelief and the Therapy of Hope,” Hamburg University, Reivisioning Pragmatism Conference

Committee Service at Stony Brook:

Stony Brook Organ Donor Council

Stony Brook Hospital Ethics Committee

Stony Brook Humanities Institute

Stony Brook Academic Judiciary Committee

Plays Piano in the Hospital Lobby at Stony Brook on Thursday Afternoons for Patients, the Families, and Staff

Board Membership :

Board of Directors, Gingold Theatrical Group (website)