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The Program in Public Health was established at Stony Brook to train people who wish to integrate the knowledge, skills, vision, and values of public health into their careers and provide leadership in the field. The Program leads to the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree; the combined BS/ MPH with the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics; the combined BS/ MPH with the Department of Pharmacology; the combined BA/ MPH in Earth and Space Sciences; the combined BA/ MPH in Women's Studies; the combined MBA/ MPH; the combined MPH/ MAPP in Public Policy; and the concurrent MD/ MPH and DDS/ MPH. 

The Program advocates a population health approach to public health. The hallmarks of population health are an ecological understanding of the determinants of health and a systems approach to solving health problems; emphasis on proactively stabilizing and improving health among all populations; and insistence on accountability, evidence-based practice, and continuous performance improvement. The population health approach requires multi-disciplinary collaboration among scholars in the social, behavioral, clinical, and basic sciences and humanities; development of comprehensive, sophisticated health information systems; and use of advanced analytical tools to examine health problems and evaluate responses to them.

Stony Brook PPH Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Education, Research and Training Associate
Physicians for Reproductive Health
New York, NY

Clinical Outcomes Analyst
Office of the Chief Medical Officer,
Stony Brook University Medical Center,
Stony Brook, NY

Asthma Coalition of Long Island
Melville, NY

City Research Scientist
Sanitation Department
New York, NY

Public Health Officer
Fresno County
Fresno, California

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Program Director
Tourrette Association of America
Bayside, NY