Health Analytics Concentration (Evaluative Sciences prior to Fall 2014)

The mission of this
concentration is to prepare public health professionals with the analytical,
research, and statistical skills necessary to benchmark and evaluate health
improvement initiatives in community and health care settings. 
Increasingly, the health field is challenged to adopt an evidence-based
approach to preventing and treating disease and disability. The concentration
in Health Analytics will play a critical role in meeting this challenge. There
is a special emphasis on integrating cost effectiveness and cost benefit
concepts into the curriculum so that resource allocation issues are considered.

Required Courses (12 credits)

HPH 560   Advanced Biostatistics (3 credits)
HPH 559   Advanced Research Methods (3 credits)
HPH 534   Spatial Analysis: Health Application (3 credits)

Approved Elective (3 credits)


the Health Analytics Plan of Study, click here.

For the Health Analytics Advising Sheet, click here


For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2016, see the
academic coordinator for Evaluative Sciences concentration requirements.